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AllStyle Mobile Home Evaporator Coil



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Mobile Home Uncased Evaporator Coil for ELECTRIC FURNACE ONLY 


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Product Features

AllStyle products result from a combination of high quality material, efficient manufacturing, and superior personnel. Our fabrication machinery is regularly calibrated according to preset cycle schedules, and in-house training is provided for production personnel regularly. Our products are tested internally to ensure they meet established specifications before being shipped to the customer. The management of AllStyle is involved in the daily supervision of product fabrication, assembly, and testing. All products are date coded, and are able to be tracked to the wholesale distributors. In the event a product failure is identified, the units are immediately returned to the factory for re-analysis.

Any testing failures are traced directly back to their original source, and production adjustments are made, at which time a safe guard is put in place to prevent future problems. AllStyle recognizes how crucial the contribution of each individual employee is when it comes to successfully implementing and realizing its commitment to provide a quality product. Production personnel are trained to properly fabricate and assemble the components from start to finish. Each product goes through a stringent inspection process to ensure the highest quality component is being provided to each customer.


  • Super-tough, pitched polycarbonate drain pan
  • Left Hand Refrigerant and drain connections
  • Flexible tube drain connection (Some Models)
  • Exterior mounted metering device
  • Factory or field installed TXV
  • Coil elevated from condensate Long Life Aluminum or Rifled Copper tube
  • Aluminum fins and end plates
  • Pressure tested to 500 PSI
  • Quick-Connect fittings are optional  (AERO-QUIP #6 & #11) ** Add “QC” to Model number
  • 3/ 8” Liquid Line connection
  • “Letter A” Coil

Suction Line Connections 

  • 3/ 4” on 1.5 to 3.0 Tons
  • 7/ 8” on 3.5 to 5.0 Tons

Technical Specifications

Model ASUM24-A266G ASUM36-A382G ASUM48-M284G ASUM60-A4Y0G
Suction Line Size 3/4” OD 3/4” OD 7/8” OD 7/8” OD
Liquid Line Size 3/8” OD 3/8” OD 3/8” OD 3/8” OD
Cabinet Depth 19.50” 19.50″ 19.50″ 19.50”
Cabinet Width 18.25″ 18.25″ 18.25″ 18.25”
Cabinet Height 16.50″ 18.50″ 18.50″ 22.50”
Shipping Weight 35 LB 40 LB 40 LB 50 LB

Warranty Information

Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty…… 5 Year Aluminum Coil Warranty from AllStyle (Registration Required within 30 days after installation)


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