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(4)Payne By Carrier Condensing Unit

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This highly featured and reliable air conditioner is designed for years of reliable, efficient operation when matched with Payne indoor aluminum evaporator coils and furnaces or air handler units with aluminum evaporators.

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Product Features



The totally enclosed fan motor provides greater reliability under adverse conditions and dependable performance for many years.

The permanent split capacitor type motor was designed for optimum efficiency. The motor was then qualified under extreme conditions to help ensure a long, reliable life.


A weather protective cabinet of prepainted steel is protected underneath by a galvanized coating and treated with a layer of zinc phosphate for a finish that will last for many years. All screws on cabinet exterior are coated for a long–lasting, rust–resistant, quality appearance.


The copper tube, enhanced sine wave, aluminium fin coil is designed for optimum heat transfer. Vertical air discharge carries sound and hot condenser air up and away from adjacent patio areas and foliage. The base pan is designed for easy removal of water, dirt, and leaves.


Each compressor is protected with internal temperature—and current–sensitive overloads. An internal pressure relief valve provides high pressure protection to the refrigerant system. For improved serviceability, all models are equipped with a compressor terminal plug.


Both service valves are brass, front seating type with sweat connections. Valves are externally located so refrigerant tube connections can be made quickly and easily. Each valve has a service port for ease of checking operating refrigerant pressures.


One access panel provides access to electrical controls. Removal of top gives access to fan motor, compressor, and condenser coil.


Model Sound dba Max Fuse Shipping Dimensions
PA14NC01800G 76 20 143
24 1 / 8″ X 24 1/8″ X 27 3/16 “
PA14NC02400G 76 20 140
26 7/18″ X 26 71 8 ” X 32 9116″
PA14NC03000G 76 25 188
32 3/1 6 “ X 32 3/16″ X 34″
PA14NC03600G 77 30 251
32 3/1 6″ X 32 3/16″ X 27 3/16″
PA14NC04200G 79 40 232
32 3/16″ X 32 3/16″ X 40 5/8 “
PA14NC04800G 79 40 200
32 3/16″ X 32 3/16″ X 30 5/8 “
PA14NC06000G 79 40 218
32 3/16″ X 31 3/16″ X 34″


*This warranty is to the original purchasing owner only and is not available for subsequent owners. Timely registration required for 10-year parts limited warranty. Limited warranty period is 5 years if not registered within 90 days of installation.


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