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Product Features

  • When comfort and affordability are at the top of your list, this 14 SEER cooling heat pump gets the job done. Offering the comfort, you expect and the reliability you deserve, this heat pump with single-stage scroll compressor provides warmer climate heating and cooling all year long. Or pair it with a compatible gas furnace and thermostat to gain dual fuel heating efficiency in colder areas.Quietest size within each model group during most common cooling operating conditionINDUSTRY LEADING FEATURES / BENEFITS Durable fan motorProviding year after year of smooth-running operation in extreme temps, our fan motor ensures reliable comfort.Effortless heat or coolThe reliable reversing valve easily switches functions from heating to cooling and back again, as the temperature demands.Good looksThe corrosion-resistant, painted exterior finish will stay looking good now, and for years to come.Reliable R-410A compressorYou want the most important part of the entire unit to stay running strong, right? With built–in protective features, our compressor operates quietly and reliably season after season.Smooth and quietRubberized isolation pads create a buffer between the base pan and the compressor to absorb vibrations and minimize noise.Efficiency14 SEER / 11.5 11.7 EER / 8.2 HSPFMicrotube Technology refrigeration systemIndoor air quality accessories available Sound

    Sound level as low as 69 dBA

    Sound levels as low as 68 dBA with accessory sound blanket 


    System supports programmable or standard thermostat controls 


    R410A refrigerant

    Scroll compressor

    Internal pressure relief valve

    Internal thermal overload

    High pressure switch S Loss of charge switch S Filter drier

    Balanced refrigeration system for maximum reliability 


    Solid, durable sheet metal construction

    Wide or dense wire coil guard 

  • ApplicationsLongline up to 250 feet (76.20 m) total equivalent length, up to 200 feet (60.96 m) condenser above evaporator, or up to 80 ft. (24.38 m) evaporator above condenser (See Longline Guide for information.)Low ambient (down to 20_F/28.9_C) with accessory
    • Quiet performance (as low as 69 decibels)1
    • Single-stage compressor operation
    • Durably built to withstand bad weather and debris
    • Designed for corrosion resistance and lasting performance
    • 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty*

Technical Specifications


  • Single-stage scroll compressor
  • Single-speed fan motor
  • System protecting high- and low-pressure switches and filter drier
  • Durable, protective inlet grille panels allow easy coil cleaning
  • Galvanized steel cabinet that includes a weather protective paint for durability
  • Non-ozone depleting R-410A refrigerant
  • Cooling capacity: 1.5–5 tons

14 SEER Specifications:

Model Fuse Suction Liquid Shipping Dimensions Shipping
MAX Line  Line  W x D x H “ Weight 
PH14NB018000 20   5/8   3/8 25 1/4 x 25 1/4 x 40 166
PH14NB024000 25   5/8   3/8 27 7/8 x 27 7/8 x 40 175
PH14NB030000 30   3/4   3/8 33 3/8 x 33 3/8 x 36 5/8 180
PH14NB036000 30   3/4   3/8 33 3/8 x 33 3/8 x 33 1/4 201
PH14NB042000 40   7/8   3/8 33 3/8 x 33 3/8 x 43 1/2 235
PH14NB048000 40   7/8   3/8 33 3/8 x 33 3/8 x 33 1/4 232
PH14NB060000 50    7/8    3/8 33 3/8 x33 3/8 x 36 5/8 248

Warranty Information

10-Year Parts Limited Warranty: This warranty is to the original purchasing owner only and is not available for subsequent owners. Timely registration required for 10-year parts limited warranty. Limited warranty period is 5 years if not registered within 90 days of installation. Jurisdictions where warranty benefits cannot be conditioned on registration will receive the registered limited warranty periods.


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