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Product Features


  • Cleanable, mold-resistant interior surface
  • Fiberglass removed from the air stream
  • Pitched, polymer drain pan elevates coil from the condensate
  • Top Left and Right Refrigerant drain connections
  • Superior air flow compared to other Horizontal coils
  • Easily removable top panel with locking air seal and K.O. for UV light
  • Factory installed Thermal Expansion Valve
  • Rated for R-22 and R-410a
  • Long Life Aluminum or Rifled Copper Tube option
  • Enhanced Aluminum Fins
  • Heavy, Aluminum end plates vs galvanized steel
  • Pressure tested to 500 PSI
  • Plenum coil combines an adjustable inlet adapter, cooling coil, and supply plenum into one easy install
  • Fits furnace 17” to 23” wide (Adjustments plates included)

PL Series Healthy Solutions® Premier Plenum Coils match perfectly with your system and provide an upgrade over standard matched plenum coils.

  • One-piece cabinet construction for improved strength and rigidity.
  • Top panel with only 4 screws for fast and easy coil access.
  • UV light knockouts to easily locate and install UV lights.
  • “Easy-lift” handle allows easy lifting through tight spaces.
  • Furnace mounting bracket included for single person installation.
  • Independently certified < 2% air leakage per ASHRAE test standard.
  • 5-year Limited Warranty standard; 10-year Limited Warranty available.
  • Non-captive panels allow access to inside of cabinet without the need to cut refrigerant lines.
  • Heavy gauge cabinets are lined with foil faced insulation- 5/8″ on metal panels and 1″ duct board on plenum openings.
  • Rubber grommet around suction line and dedicated condensate cutouts for reduced air leakage.
  • Dual 3/4″ FPT condensate drains on front and back of coil allow flexibility to accommodate left or right airflow furnaces.
  • Refrigerant connections are 3/8″ ODF liquid and 7/8″ ODF suction.
  • Refrigerant connections in center of coil away from airflow path.
  • Coils are air pressure tested at 500 psi, leak tested with Helium, sealed with rubber plugs and then charged with dry air.
  • Threaded expansion valves available factory installed or as a field installed kit.
  • Top refrigerant connections for installation flexibility.
  • TXV access port standard on piston models.
  • Conversion to  R410-A Piston available
  • Lightweight aluminum coil with aluminum header plates.
  • High efficiency lanced fin design.
  • Microban® antimicrobial additive to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew in the drain pan.
  • Patent pending HydroTEC™ “V” drain pan for improved drainage.
  • UV resistant drain pans are molded of high temperature polymer (450° F).
  • Secondary drain pan included standard on all models.
  • Secondary drain pan locator embossments for easy installation.

Technical Specifications

Cabinet Specifications
Model Height A Width B Length C Opening D Opening E
ASLT 18.25” 20.25” 26.25” 13.00” to 18.00” 16.00” to 20.25”
ASLB 18.25” 20.25” 34.375” 13.00” to 18.00” 16.00” to 20.25”
ASLL 18.25” 20.25” 40.375” 13.00” to 18.00” 16.00” to 20.25”
ASFM 22.25” 20.25” 34.375” 17.00” to 21.00” 16.00” to 20.25”
ASFL 22.25” 20.25” 40.375” 17.00” to 21.00” 16.00” to 20.25”
ASKM 26.25” 20.25” 34.375” 21.00” to 23.00” 16.00” to 20.25”
ASKL 26.25” 20.25” 40.375” 21.00” to 23.00” 16.00” to 20.25”
Specifications may change without notice

Warranty Information

Warranty Information


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